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Airports Information - Irregular Operations Handling

Irregular operations handling

When a flight is delayed, cancelled or re-routed, special guidelines and procedures have been created for re-booking and notification to the passengers and onward Star Alliance member carriers. Special rules and exceptions apply for EU carriers and non-EU carriers operating from the EU.

Communication to the Customer

For all disrupted services, communication to customers must be provided immediately when known, and not later than scheduled departure time with updates every 30 minutes or as appropriate. At a minimum, provide all information in English. Ensure all airline systems and airport signage are updated. Add customer contact information in all touch points; use the SSR CTC M/E/R. In case of scheduled changes 48 hours prior to departure the Marketing Carrier shall inform the customers.

Amenities - Controllable*

Provide the minimum amenities as defined below and as required by law for all customers.

Amenities - Uncontrollable*

In the event of an uncontrollable delay, Star Alliance member carriers will provide amenities to premium customers (First, Business and Star Alliance Gold status customers and customers requiring special assistance) travelling on an "intercontinental" journey including "intercontinental connection" to/from domestic services. An "intercontinental connection" is defined as one which does not exceed 24 hours. Intercontinental services are defined as those operating between Europe, Asia, North America (including Central America), South america, Australia & New Zealand and Africa.

*Special conditions apply for EU registered carriers and non-EU registered carriers operating from the EU.

Minimum Amenities

  • Access to phone and/or Wi-Fi and/or other means of communication and/or provide information about communication access;
  • Meals and/or refreshments when delay exceeds two hours;
  • Hotel accommodation for more than 8h delays if it occurs in overnight period;
  • Ground transportation between airport/hotel/airport must be provided upon customer request;
  • For those customers who decline airport accommodations, carrier should provide ground transportation options to allow customers to travel to/from their residence if within 80 km from the airport, or provide ground transportation compensation fee.


The policies apply in all irregularity situations.
When a customer’s travel plan is disrupted due to a flight irregularity and rebooking is required, the following procedures apply to all Star Alliance member carriers. Alternative transportation may apply when no flights are available on the same day or protection is not acceptable to the customer.

The policies apply to all customers with confirmed reservations and those who have been accepted on the flight.

Flight rebooking and electronic ticket revalidation/reissue shall occur by the delivering carrier who caused the irregularity unless it is bilaterally agreed to pass the responsibility to the receiving carrier. Re-direct baggage to follow the customer itinerary. If the receiving carrier confirms the booking, customers shall be treated as other confirmed customers of the receiving carrier.

Onward Carriage

Provide onward carriage with the least possible delay to the destination shown on the ticket(s).

Same Rated Routing*

Rebook on the same rated routing whenever possible.

*Special conditions apply for EU registered carriers and non-EU registered carriers operating from the EU.

Carrier Order

Rebook in the following carrier order, depending on frequency of flights and the customer’s best interest:

  • Original receiving carrier
  • Own airline/Carrier Group
  • Star Alliance member airline
  • Non-Star Alliance member airline (OAL)

Passport or Visa

Identify any passport or visa constraints that would affect rebooking customers via alternative routing.

Same Booking Class

Rebook in the same booking class whenever possible.

Higher Cabin Class

If booking in a higher cabin class is required, preference must be given in the following order:


  • Carrier's own Gold
  • Star Alliance Gold
  • Carrier's own Silver
  • Star Alliance Silver

Rebooking in a higher cabin class on another Star Alliance carrier or another airline is only permitted with prior approval of the new receiving carrier. Additional cost may apply.


Previously inconvenienced customers that receive standby status should receive special priority.

Alternative Transportation

Alternative transportation, such as taxi, train or bus will be provided on request or when no alternative flights are available.