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Overview - Greetings from Star Alliance

Greetings from Star Alliance Headquarters

At the start of this year, Star Alliance adopted a new strategic aim: to make the customer journey better. This gives us a clear focus for all our Alliance activities. Today’s customer expects to have information at his or her fingertips, and so a big part of our strategy is to create digital and self-service solutions, to provide customers with easy access to information and up-to-date services for their journey.

We are working on changing the format of this Reference Guide to ensure that you, as employees, also have easy access to its information so as to be able to serve today’s Alliance customer well. Accordingly, our plan is to have the first digital version of the Guide available for you next year. If you are interested in supporting us in this development, please get in touch with the Star Alliance Communications department. 

We know that our member employees are first and foremost in providing customers with an excellent travel experience. My thanks to you for your contribution to serving our customers over the last year. And my double thanks for going the extra mile, when needed, in the year to come.

Jeffrey Goh

CEO Star Alliance